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Posted April 7, 2013 by Quentin Moore in Buying Advice

ASUS TaiChi 21 Review - Windows 8 Tablets 2



The Asus Taichi 21 is clearly one of a kind.  It’s a Windows 8 Hybrid device that features dual displays, allowing the device to function as a conventional laptop and as a portable tablet.  The Taichi’s proposition is to offer the best of both worlds- a productivity device as well as a device for leisure and play.  Does the Asus Taichi deliver?  Are the dual displays worth it?  Find out by reading our Asus Taichi 21 review.  In the review we cover the pros and cons of the device, as well as provide a review round-up that details what the other reviewers are saying about the device.  Be sure to check out the review before ordering the device.

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