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Welcome to the Windows Tablet PC Blog at WindowsTabletTv.com!  The purpose of our site is to provide independent coverage of Windows Tablets such as the new Microsoft Surface Tablet.  We want to be your “go to” site for all information related to PC Tablets and mobile computing.  Here’s what’s in store for readers of our site:

  • Windows Tablet News: We provide independent news coverage of Microsoft Windows Tablet PCs and related topics.
  • Windows Tablet Reviews: We provide reviews of Windows Tablet PCs, as well as related devices, apps, and accessories.
  • Windows Tips and Tutorials: We provide helpful tips, guides, and tutorials to help solve problems, increase productivity, and increase the enjoyment of using PC Tablets.

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Quentin Moore

Quentin Moore is Senior Editor of Windows Tablet TV. He's a self proclaimed Tech Guru and spends most of his non-working hours playing with or blogging about tech gadgets. Check out Quentin's Google Plus Page.